IIIT English Publications

A. Islamization of Knowledge

1 B004 Islamization of Knowledge: General Principles and Work Plan, 3rd edition (1416/1995).
2 B008 Toward an Islamic Theory of International Relations: New Directions for Methodology and Thought, by 'AbdulHamid AbuSulayman 2nd revised edition (1414/1993).
3 B010 Toward Islamic Anthropology: Definitions, Dogma, and Directions by
Akbar S. Ahmad (1406/1986).
4 B007 Toward Islamic English by Isma'il Raji al Faruqi (1406/1986).
5 B009 Modelling Interest-Free Economy: A Study in Microeconomics and
Development by Muhammad Anwar (1407/1987).
6 B014 Islam: Source and Purpose of Knowledge. Papers presented to the Second International Conference of Islamic Thought and the Islamization of Knowledge (1409/1988).
7 B016 Toward Islamization of Disciplines. Papers presented to the Third International Conference on Islamic Thought and the Islamization of Knowledge (1409/1988).
8 B012 The Organization of the Islamic Conference: An Introduction to an
Islamic Political Institution by 'Abdullah al Ahsan (1408/1988).
9 B018 Proceedings of the Lunar Calendar Conference. Papers presented to the Conference of the Lunar Calendar. Edited by Imad ad-Dean Ahmad (1408/1988).
10 B020 Islamization of Attitudes and Practices in Science and Technology. Papers presented to a special seminar on the same topic. Edited by M.A.K. Lodhi (1409/1989).
11 B031 Where East Meets West: The West on the Agenda of the Islamic Revival
by Mona Abul-Fadl (1412/1992).
12 B052 Qur'anic Concept of Human Psyche. Papers presented to a special seminar organized by IIIT Pakistan. Edited by Zafar Afaq Ansari (1412/1992).
13 B040 Islam and the Economic Challenge by M. Umer Chapra. Published jointly with the Islamic Foundation (U.K.) (1412/1992).
14 B041 Resource Mobilization and Investment in an Islamic Economic Framework. Papers presented to the 3rd international Islamic Economic Seminar. Edited by Zaidi Sattar (1412/1991).