The End of Sa'y

At the last point of your Sa'y, at Marwa, cut your hair short or clip your nails. Remove your Ihram garments and wear your regular clothes. Feel free! With empty hands and in a state of thirst leave Marwa, go to find your Ismail ...!

Listen carefully! Don't you hear the humming of water from here? See! The thirsty birds are all flying above this dry desert! Zam-Zam has quenched Ismail's thirst. A tribe of strangers from the very far landsl has occupied this empty valley. The thirsty people of the earth have made a circle around Zam-Zam. A city of stones has grown in this thirsty and desperate desert. There has been a shower of relevation ... a house of "freedom" and "love"!

After returning from Sa'y, while thirsty and lonely, your loneliness will end here. Zam-Zam is flowing under your Ismail's foot. People are all around you. What else do you see? Allah is your next-door neighbor! You have gotten so close to Him.

Oh man, tired of "sa'y" rely on "love"!
Oh "responsible man", try your best since your Ismail is thirsty!
Oh, "the one in love", wish!
Hope that love and wishes do miracles!
And you, Hajj, who are coming from Sa'y ...
From the dry desert of "your existence" and the depth of "your neglected" nature, a fountain is humming!
Listen carefully to your heart.
You will hear the humming.

People who have come from all over the world. From the mountain of Marwa go toward Zam-Zam. Have a few drinks, wash your face and bring some of that water back to where you came from so that you may present it as a gift to your people!