The Three Idols

Recall that the three idols in Mina represent Satan who tried to tempt Ibrahim. Is it not true that man has to experience three stages in order to liberate himself from any type of slavery? He must not be selfish, overcome the state of animality which is characterized by self-centeredness' and ascend to Ibrahim's position (i.e. do everything for the sake of Allah. Are not the three idols the antithesis of the three stages of the Major Hajj?

The First Idol: The enemy of Arafat

The Second Idol: The enemy of Mashr

The Third Idol: The enemy of Mina

Do not these idols represent the powerful Satanic forces that lie in ambush in the way of mankind to prevent him from performing his Ibrahimic prophecy? What are they doing; what is their exact role? They change and negate the message!

In the process of man's evolution and the fulfillment of his responsibilities, the evil forces disable man by attacking his weaknesses! Another sign that promotes a better recognition of the three idols is the fact that though they are independent and each has its own identity, they are good "friends" and work collectively against man. In other words, the three individual idols represent one Satan! What exists is one entity with three faces or three entities with one origin; this is exactly what the "trinity" means! The following exampies demonstrate this concept.

In Judaism: The three Uqnum as described by Philo. In Christianity: The Father, Son and Holy Ghost In Hinduism: The Meno in three parts - the head, trunk and hand. In Persia: Ahoura Mazda and the three fires called Gashnosp, Estakhr and Barzinmehr (the saviour, shadow of God and sign of God).

What is polytheism ? It is faith based on worldly matters according to the scientific philosophy of history, polytheism is a system based on materialism with a sub-structure compatible with this structure. Its purpose is to corrupt man's self-consciousness. is theory Is applicable to polytheism but not to montheism. The two concepts of polytheism and monotheism are completely opposite each other; therefore, it is impossible that they have a common origin and similar functions. Throughout history there have been fights between the two faiths (monotheism against polytheism). However, in terms of their social application, the two concepts are mixed whereby, unfortunately, polytheism is masked by monotheism and lasts longer!

Originally, the trinity of Christianity was monotheistic as was that of Vishnu and Ahoura Mazda ...; all referred to only one God. It may be contended that monotheism is the root of all faiths but history and the influence of various social systems transformed the first and unique common society into different races, classes and nations; it was the conversion of monotheism into polytheism.

Adam left two sons, Abel and Cainbehind Abel, the poor herder, was killed by his wealthy, landlord brother Cain. As yet, no one has heard of Cain's deathl. So, Adam was succeeded by Cain who was a non-believer, usurper, greedy, a murderer, and a son not worthy of his father. Throughout history, the children of Cainhave been the rulers of mankind.

Societies changed as they grew bigger and systems became more complicated. As divisions, specializations and classifications came into existence Cain, the ruler, also altered his face! In modern societies, he hid his visage behind politics, economics and religion while he maintained his strong and special forces in these three bases! Cain created the three major powers of oppression, wealth and hypocrisy which then gave birth to despotism, exploitation and brain-washing techniques! These three powers are best described in monotheism as follows:

Pharoah : The symbol of oppression. Croesus (Korah) : The symbol of capital and capitalism. Balam : The symbol of hypocrisy.

And, polytheism explains these three positions in a three dimensional system (trinity) as the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost)! They are calling you to worship them instead of Almighty God. do not forget that you are in Ibrahim's position! They want you to love your "Ismail" so that they can cheat you, rob you, confuse you, change your values and views and lead you astray!

Oh Hajj, now that you are in Mina, shoot! You have brought your Ismail to the place of sacrifice.

As Ibrahim, shoot the three idols and knock them down! Oh follower of Ibrahim and soldier of Tawheed, destroy the three idols! When the sun rises on the tenth of Zul-Hijjah, along with the rest of the army and dressed in Ihram, wake-up in Mashar, pass the border of Mina and during your first attack, shoot the last idol! Who is the last one which must be shot first?

- Pharaoh

- Croesus or

- Balam

These three figures represent the three powers of Cain the three faces of Satan and the symbol of the Trinity.

- Shoot Pharoah who said: only to God belongs the judgment.

- Shoot Korah who said: only to God belongs the wealth.

- Shoot Balam who said: only to God belong the faiths.

Be aware that people are the representatives of Allah, that is Allahs family on this earth. Only the rishteous ones will be heirs to this world.

Quran XLIX:13

Lo! the noblest of you, in the sight of Allah, is the best in conduct.

In other words, according to monotheism, the Canonical Court is run by the people. Everyone is responsible not only for his own deeds but also the deeds of others!

You may ask yourself which of the idols represents Pharoah, the symbol of oppression? Which one is Korah the symbol of capital and capitalism? And which one is Balam, the symbol of hypocrisy? Any person with an Ibrahimian mind, depending upon his personal views, his suggested methods for social change, his responsibilities, and the socio- political system of the community he lives in may consider the last idol (Satan) as:

PHAROAH: By those who are concerned with politics and live under despotism, militarism and fascism.

CROESUS: By those who are concerned with economics and view it as the structure around which the society is built.

BALAM: By those intellectuals who believe that no social change will occur unless there is a genuine struggle against ignorance, feeble-mindedness and any condition that may cause people to adhere to polytheism under the cover of monotheism.

During my first two trips to Mecca (Hajj), I considered the last idol as BALAM. My bullet was shot with this intention, especially when I found this to be in agreement with what the Quran says.

Quran IX: 31

They have taken as lords beside Allah their rabbis and their monks and the Messiah son of Mary ...

Allah condemns oppression, ignorance, and hypocrisy. He criticize some so called spiritual leaders who consciously or unconsciously mislead people instead of guiding them. Allah is angry with them and says:

Quran LXII: 5

Their likeness is of the ass carrying books.

Quran VII: 176

His likeness is as the likeness of a dog: if thou attackest him, he panteth with his tongue out.

Another proof for my hypothesis are the powerful words of Allah written in the last chapter of the Quran (Sura CXIV). Allah addresses the Prophet (PBUH) who has the greatest responsibility of leadership and freedom of mankind. Allah tells the prophet that there is a danger from which he is not protected therefore, he should seek "refuge" in Allah. In that sura, the following attributes are given to Allah:

The Master. The Ruler. The God.

They are the same three traits that Satan constantly tries to allocate to himself. And, here we find that they belong ONLY to Almighty Allah. And, a person like the prophet (PBUH) is advised to seek refuge in the Master, the Ruler and the Leader. What is he to be protected from? The danger of the "Khannas"! Who is the Khannas ?

Quran CXIV: 4,5

From the evil of the sneaking whisperer who whispereth in the heart of mankind.

In Mina where Ibrahim was tempted by Satan, the last idol represented the "Khannas". The "Khannas" is a spiritual leader who sees his faith to achieve wealth and a scientist who sells his knowledge or a treacherous intellectual! The Holy Quran perceives the actions of this group of people as the most destructive, disunifying, misleading and discriminating in the history of mankind who once lived as a peaceful and collective society. That same group claimed the responsibility of being the judges of spiritual leaders of the people while they were consciously jealous of others, violators and cruel.

Quran II: 213

Mankind was one community and Allah sent (unto them) prophets as bearers of good tidings and as warners and reveals with the scripture ...

But ... Hajj has much more significance than what my mind can comprehend! Each time I went to Hajj, I felt I had learned a lot and that my next trip to Hajj would be repetitious but to my surprise, my prediction was incorrect! And ... you, dear reader, never think that what I have said is all you will learn from the experience of Hajj nor during the period of Hajj! No, No, No! This is not a book whose purpose is to describe the ceremonies of Hajj; it is only a catalyst to make you think. This book is the product of my limited capacity to analyze and summarize a miraculous and symbolic show in which the stage-manager is the manager of the world. Apparently, I have attempted to pour a sea into a pot!?!

Every time

Is it not true that the three idols represent one while each individually represents the others?

Distinction of the three idols defines the three powers which are inter-related. The lack of an identity indicates that one is hidden among the other two. Therefore, when you shoot one idol, intend to shoot the others.

After all, it is only in our simple minds and among the educated people (based on their fields of interest) that classifications such as Sociology, Philosophy, History, Psychology ... are made. The creator of Hajj knows that in any culture or civilization, any period of time, any social system, any social structure, any social class or any social relationship, one of the three powers is the governing body while the other two support it. By shooting one, you will open the gate of victory and begin to celebrate the 'Id. Therefore, upon arriving in Mina, with your bullet, you should first attack and kill the last idol.

Regardless of whether the person performing Hajj comes from a well-developed capitalistic society, an under-developed society with a social system of the middle-ages or a fascistic, dictatorial and monarchistic society, all shoot at the same idol but with different intentions! The last idol supports the other two - Pharoah legalizes Croesus' robbery; Croesus supports Balam with his money Pharoah supports Balam with his power; and Balam relates Pharoah's power to the Almighty's super-power just as we hold each other's hands to support ourselves while also supporting one another! So, where you come from and to what system you belong is not important since you are to assume the Ibrahimian responsibility With the intention of hitting all three idols, shoot the last one so that you may defeat Satan's base and negate his temptations!

So - did you shoot the last one?

- In it's face?

- In it's head?

- Did the bullets strike it?

- Seven bullets? Seven times symbolizes the number of days of creation, the Seven Heavens and the number of days in a week (i.e. An everlasting struggle which started with the beginning of creation and continues on into the hereafter; a battle without a ceasefire and the absence of a peaceful relationship with any idol. Think as if you are always in Mina and must fight with the idols.)

Oh Ibrahim, when the last idol falls, Satan is disabled and killed under the shower of your bullets! Oh man, the representative of Allah on this earth, you have expelled Satan as Allah did! You have defeated the only angel who refused to prostrate to mankind. Now you are a free man like Ibrahim; you will hear the message ands recognize the truth. After shooting the last idol, sacrifice your Ismail. For the sake of truth and out of love, anything can be sacrificed. With a heart full of love, march toward the place of sacrifice to take the steps of Ibrahim. In one hand, hold Ismail (whatever and whoever is to you as Ismail was to Ibrahim) and in the other an hold the "sword of your faith" with which your Ismail will be beheaded before you. Consciously aware of what you are doing, you will ignore everything and seek the help of Allah. Oh man, for the love of truth, sacrifice your Ismail and sacrifice a sheep in Mina. Almighty Allah is not blood-thirsty and does not need your Ismail. He will send you the sheep as a ransom. You were brought from the corner of your house to the lake of blood in Mina's slaughter house to ignore and kill the symbols of Satan by making a sacrifice. Once you are ready to sacrifice your Ismail in the way of Allah, you will have defeated Satan. Ismail is saved and standing proudly by you.

How surprising! Such great lessons taught to man on these mountains! You have done what Ibrahim (PBUH) did. Your Ismail is with you. What you sacrificed was his love (by which Satan tempted you). Ismail is a "Gift of Allah"; Allah loves him and will pay is ransom! When you return from Mina, remember to fulfill your e to act as Ibrahim and accept the responsibility of propagating the message. Go to your people! Call upon them to establish a "safe land", to live in a "safe community" and to build "house" as a symbol of security, peace, freedom, equality and love for mankind!