Consequent attacks after 'Id

During your first attack on the first day, you shoot the last idol and open the way to the place of sacrifice. Then you take off your Ihram and happily celebrate your victory! On the second day you must shoot again, but shoot the three of them. This time you take turns to shoot the first idol, then the second one and finally the last one. Your third day is a repitition of what you did on the second day. The fourth day you may stay in Mina or leave. If you decide to stay, you must repeat the shooting of the second or third day. If you decide not to stay on the fourth day, you must bury the remainder of your arms somewhere underground in Mina! This is a MUST!

These three days following the 'Id are called Ayyam-at-Tashriq. What do they mean? On the tenth day of Zul-Hijjah you exalted to Ibrahim's position, you got the courage "to sacrifice your Ismail", you defeated Satan in its last base at your first attack, you offered the sacrifice, you took off your Ihram and you came out victorious from the front of Mina! Why do you have to continue fighting? There is a lesson for you - do not forget that Satan may survive even after it was defeated! Every "revolution", no matter how successful it is, is always in danger of "counter-revolution". Numb snakes may wake up and change their colors while you are happy with victory, proud of power or busy with celebration! They may pretend to be your friends in order to join you and destroy the movement from within and take over the fruits of your revolution. They will be the HEIRS to the freedom-fighters and mourners for the martyrs!

Victory should not cause you to relax! So, when you have overcome Mina, do not let your hands off your arms. You have forced Satan out of your door BUT HE MAY RETURN THROUGH THE WINDOW! He was defeated "outside of you" but he may wake up inside of you". He was knocked down in war, but he may gain power in peace! He perished in Mina, but he may now flourish in you' ! What am I saying? "Temptation" has thousands of faces. He may be rejected as an unbeliever but will return to you as a man of strong faith! He may be rejected as a polytheist and he will present himself as a monotheist You may bury him in an idol-house, but he may show up at the altar You may kill him in Badr1, but he may be resurrected in Karbala ? He may be wounded in the Battle of the Trench in Medina and then re-occur in the mosque of Koufa. You may seize the idol of "Hebal" from his hands in Uhud, but he will raise the Holy Quran on swords to defeat you in Saffain!

You should not be so naive to think that the war is over after defeating Satan on the tenth day of Mina, to take off your armor, to put on your civilian dress, to use make-up and perfume, to celebrate your victory, to ignore the danger, to feel free to leave Mina for Mecca, to keep busy worshipping or to return home and start your business again! Oh you, the freedom-fighter, the follower of Ibrahim, do not forget the tenth of Zul-Hijjah is "the 'Id of Sacrifice and not "the 'Id of victory". The sacrifice of Ismail is the beginning of Hajj and not the end of it! After a successful revolution, Oh soldiers of tawheed, do not leave your arms aside. Do not indulge too much in the happiness of your victory- there is always danger from the defeated army. The three bases were overthrown but the three idols (Satan) have their roots in Mina. After the 'Id, you should keep your heroic spirit and be prepared to fight at anytime. With the help of the other soldiers, you must be prepared to set a well timed and disciplined plan to eradicate those foundations.

Revolutions are always in danger, even the most successful ones!
Don't be too proud, even after the greatest victory!
You are still in danger even if you were Ibrahim! Even after sacrificing your Ismail!

Satan has many colors and many more "tricks". Once Satan tried to cheat you with Ismail's life and today you may be cheated by the pride of sacrificing him! Always remain ready to fight)! Until you are in Mina, shoot the idols with your bullets.

Mina is the land of faith, love and the place of your hopes and needs. It is the front of all your glorious and honored victories. It is your Hajj, the peak of your perfection, the ideal of your life ... Mina is the first step of monotheism as well as the ambush of Satan, man's most dangerous enemy! You are always in Mina or Mina is always in you; you are always in danger since the idols are always ready to rebel. After the 'Id, while still in Mina, shoot the idols everyday.

Be ready to fight for freedom all your life.
Fighting for freedom is not becoming a ruler or gaining power.
By defeating your enemy, your fight is not over
Celebrate the 'Id of Sacrifice and not the Victory.
Take off your armor, but don't give up your arms.
Victory may be gained in a day, but if you are careless, you will lose it at once.
To wound the enemy, one shot is needed, but to be sure he is killed, seven shots may be needed.
To take over the enemy's base, one attack may be enough and seven shots may be used, but to eradicate them, you need to attack more than once and use over seventy shots. - Divide the arms (pebbles) you collected in Mashar.

How many did you have? Seventy, here again seven and seventy? On day one (the tenth day) one attack seven bullets at the last idol On day two, three and four - three attacks and seven bullets to each idol (9 x 7 = 63). A total of seventy bullets in ten attacks, an even figure! The last attack on the fourth day (thirteenth of Zul-Hijjah) is an option. It is up to you. If you still feel the danger, you may stay- then you must shoot the three idols as the two previous days. Only one seventh of your collected arms are used to succeed over your enemy. Six sevenths are used to continue the struggle after the victory! This prevents the ill-fate of all movements and the inconspicuous outcome of many revolutions. Such happened to the Islamic movement when the political submission of Abu-Sufyan was confused with the true Islamic submission to Almighty God.

In order to prevent polytheism from disguising itself in monotheism, you have to struggle for twenty-three years, defeat the ignorance of Quraish. You must destroy the three bases of colonialism, capitalism and hypocrisy that were defeated in Badr the Trench from turning to the victorious side and seizing Islamic leadership. Even if you celebrated the victory of Saquifah, the murderer will revenge in Karbala, shedding the blood of the prophets family at the bank of Euphrates. So much injustice was done in the name of the Caliphate of the messenger of God!