Declaring your Intention (Niyyat)

Before entering Miqat, which is the beginning of a great change and revolution, you must declare your intention. What does this encompass? It is the intention of a "transferral" from your house to the house of people, from life to love, from the self to Allah, from slavery to freedom, from racial discrimination to equality, sincerity and truth, from being clothed to being naked, from a daily life to an eternal life and from selfishness and aimlessness to devotion and responsibility. In summary, it is a transferral into the state of "Ihram" .

Therefore, your intention must be strongly asserted. You will grow out of your "shell" as do the seeds of dates. Being extremely conscious, you must have faith in your heart. Enlighten your heart with the flame of love; "shine" and "shine". Forget all about yourself! In the past, your life was characterized by "negligence" and "ignorance" You were helpless in all aspects of existence. Even in the realm of your job, you became a slave, working either as a habit or by force! Now, shed this pattern of life! Become genuinely "conscious" of Almighty Allah, the people and yourself! Choose a new job, a new direction and a new "self"!