The Process of Islamization

by Dr. Ja`far Sheikh Idris

1977 The Muslim Students' Association of the US and Canada
Fourth Printing - January 1983

The Process of Islamization

Part 1 The Process of Islamization
Part 2 Determinist Theory of History
Part 3 Islamic Theory of Social Change
Part 4 Bounties are Allah's Grace
Part 5 Application of the Theory
Part 6 Fundamental Importance of the Islamic State
Part 7 Two Extremes
Part 8 Similarities and Differences
Part 9 Larger Issues

From the Foreword by by Mahmoud Rashdan:

"The Islamization Process - Its Challenges and Promises" was the theme of the M.S.A.'s 13th Annual Convention, held at the University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio at the end of August 1975.

This booklet is a revised version of Professor Idris' presentation at the convention. It is being published in book from owing to its scholarly merit and in response to requests from the M.S.A. membership.

...Dr. Idris' presentation on the "Process of Islamization" has the credit of being vivid and systematic. The reader will find the writer clear and direct in his treatment of this important topic. He does not leave the reader to speculate on where he stands on controversial positions but rather states his position clearly and yet without any pretension of "I know better" and without the "protection" of confusing the professional jargon which so frequently plagues "westernized" Muslim scholars. To his credit also, Dr. Idris refers to the Qur'an directly to derive the Islamic theory of social change. He raises questiosn and does not hesitate to give his answers. He suggests that the social law of change is contained in the verse:

"Surely God does not change the state in which a people are until they change that which is in themselves." [ar-Ra`d, 11]...