The General Theory of the New Capitalist System

The concept of the new capitalist system draws its origin from John Locke's theory about the «Birth of Society and the Origin of State), and it may be summarized as follows:

(Neither the church, nor the state, nor society, is entitled to bar the way of any individual in his efforts towards benefit and advancement. Complete liberty must be easily available to each individual so as to enable him to utilize his natural propensity, quality and competence according to his own leanings and proceed further according to his own ability. Society itself cannot render any real service unless everybody in it is given the chance to enjoy unlimited liberty in all spheres of life. He should also be entirely free in doing the type of work he likes; he should be free from all types of official, religious, moral, legal and social restriction».

This theory linked private ownership with liberty, considering it as a basic part and proof of it - indeed, as its bastion. That is because man was born, in a natural state with basic rights - namely the right to live, to be free and to own property. The state, in that case, is nothing but a result of a contract signed by the people in an attempt to find out agreed means to serve and protect those rights. Any authority which violates that contract has no foundation, every individual, in an attempt to defend his liberties and basic rights, should oppose and revolt against such an authority.