From the brief study we have made it is possible to realize to what extent capitalism as an economic system, has failed to meet the requirements of a whole society and prevent the supremacy of one class over another.

In spite of its assumption that it is beneficial, this study shows us how capitalism has failed to create the good capitalist who will sacrifice everything for the sake of applying capitalist principles properly. On the contrary capitalism kindles the fire of selfishness in men's souls and it was due to this system that selfishness developed and became protected by rules and regulations and the security and tranquility of the people changes to fear and agitation.

This led some people who felt the bitterness of life under capitalism to introduce to humanity a counter system which attacked systems associated with capitalism and by a natural process this led to revolutions. Communism and the ideas which stem from it, however deviated from the correct path and it has fallen into the same mistakes which threaten to destroy capitalism.

Communism has condemned the entire structure of capitalism but as has already been mentioned, in presenting an alternative system communism introduced the oretical system rather than a practical one.

When communism had the opportunity to apply its own system, it was faced by events for which it was not prepared. In its attempt to extricate itself from them it was obliged to have recourse to capitalism and quietly to borrow from it.

The progress and development which were achieved by both parties are not to be accounted for by the extreme economic system they believed in unless economics were themselves the goal and not the means for securing the welfare of peoples. Such a goal cannot be achieved under such blind and materialist extremist. Any system, whether capitalist or communist, which sets up life on a basis of economics and erects morality on such a foundation without paying any attention to faith in public life, can never pave the way for humanity to the state of happiness which is its goal. Such a system provides for man the evils and difficulties from which he suffers today. It makes the attempts to prevent wars and to stabilize world peace futile.

As long as individual and social relations are governed by bread to be eaten, money to be spent and power to be imposed, each individual will go on falling upon the other and each community will seize every opportunity to usurp another's possessions or to completely destroy it. Under such a system, everyone will treat every one else as enemies and not as brothers and the moral basis of the soul will continue to be that of the beast though this may remain hidden till the occasion arrives. Events in the present-day world are a good example of this. Rivalry, competition and conflict are the order of the day and show themselves in the capitalist on the one side and the communist on the other. Under the system of individualism a worker, becomes the rival of the worker and the capitalist competes with the capitalist and both the worker and the capitalist become in turn opponents to each other. It is surprising that the followers of this system believe that rivalry and struggle lead man to goodness, happiness and progress. The communist system believes that struggle between classes is something which destroys all of them, leaving the field to the workers and claim that this state of affairs is demanded and imposed by nature. Both systems provide for humanity an unquiet life, with no stability or safety. The people of this age have gone back to the life of the forest where fears dominated and peace was beyond realization. - Under such conditions security is something to be hoped for but which remains a mirage.

Islam, with its principles, stands in the middle road. Regarding economics, it does not take hasty action nor is it a view point motivated by wickedness or selfishness. Islam's theories about economics were those revealed by Allah, Creator of The Universe. Islam is a philosophy which cannot be matched by the minds of philosophers; the mind of that which is created cannot reach the level of the mind of The Creator.

Islam deals carefully and clearly with economics. It includes principles whose application results in securing the welfare and good of communities. It takes no sides with a group against another, nor does it harbor a grudge against the rich so as to deprive them of rights previously given to them. Moreover, its pity for the poor does not reach a level where the balance of things is upset. Islam consists of practical theories based on a sound foundation which aim at securing the interest of everyone. Islam is the light which illuminates the road for all classes of all nations. It directs each class of the community to the proper way by which it secures good for itself and for the community as a whole. Islam in culcates into the souls of all peoples the meanings of goodness and happiness. Allah says what means :

"And who is better than Allah to judge for a people who are sure?"

From this brief account of the economic theory of Islam it can be seen that it is the only system which leads nations to progress and prosperity. Allah says what means : "That is the right religion - And most people know not."

Similarly, Islam is seen to be a consolidated and perfect unit; the system must be taken as a whole and not in part. Allah says what means:

"And whatever the Messenger gives you, accept it, and whatever he forbids you, abstain (there from).

In short, these are simple, ordered, truths, both theoretical and practical, which stress the need for applying Islam and its economic system to the critical problems facing our present-day world - Allah says what means:

" And We reveal of the Quran that which is a healing and a mercy to the believers.

Besides these scientific facts there are the natural laws which demand that Islam supervise the affairs of the present-day world. It is true that capitalism has succeeded in spreading its influence, but people lost faith in it when they discovered the truth about it. At that moment, communism welcomed the multitudes who opposed capitalism, tried to satisfy their desires and so destroyed itself. In uncovering the communists false paradise, people were quicker than in discovering the falsehoods of capitalism.

William Faulkner says that one day capitalism and communism will disappear and humanity will survive. The communists themselves have this feeling, and because of this they take a suspicious and hostile stand vis a vis Islam and The Muslims.

Communism, he goes on to say, invites the enmity of Islam because it fears its rivalry in organizing society according to its precepts and ordinances. Communism's enmity towards Islam resembles that of the Russian ruler towards his subjects whom he wanted to deprive of the wealth and freedom. Another reason for this is communism's feeling that nothing but bankruptcy will result from the failure of the Marxist experiments, one after the other during recent years. The state was obliged under the communist system to recognize the right of ownership and inheritance. It also admitted the differential in wages and in standards of living. It accepted the principle of the separation of both sexes in educational institutions.

It recognized the existence of the family, its relations and of nationalism, with its effective power, which defends the nation and responds to its national ambitions. The communists, Faulker continues, see today how Islam wins and Marxist materialism retreats. They believe that the forthcoming conflict will be between what they call Marxist ideology and Islamic ideology. Democracy will not be involved in such a conflict as it is not a religion which opposes communism; democracy is only a negative appeal which prevents the misuse of rule, restriction on liberties and the oppressive restrictions imposed on the division of labor and earnings. The positive side of the issue has never been the concern of democracy at any time. Communism, in this case, finds itself facing a powerful opponent in Islam and one not easily to be defeated. No one can argue that positive application is not ordained by Islam, especially in our time when The Muslims are making progress and learning how to apply the principles of social reform with necessary adjustment to meet material demands, spiritual considerations and the requirements of modern science.

Will Durant, in the «Story of Civilization», refers to the same subject. He admits that the gap existing between basic theories and factual events is narrower in Islam than in any other religion. The conflict which the communists are sure will take place and for which they make preparations is neither negligible nor of an ordinary nature. Among the nations of The Asian East, The Muslims are most hated and disliked by the communists for they know that The Muslims have more spiritual and intellectual power than the communists. It is a war of life or death for which the communists mobilize all their potentialities. This will not be the first war waged against Islam. Islam was involved in many such wars and it survived while the many enemies who wages those wars against it for hundreds of years are dead and gone.

Islam will survive till the last day when Allah will inherit the earth and all that it contains whilst Communism along with other systems will be no more.

After studying other systems and detecting the one which is good, people will begin to take shelter under one or other of them. Facts and natural laws declare it to be Islam which is to play this role - Allah says what means:

" That was the way Allah concerning those who have gone before and thou wilt find no- change in the way of Allah.