Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds, the Beneficent, the Merciful; Master of the Day of Judgment.

Peace be upon His Apostle, The Prophet Muhammad , the last of The Messengers and the great legislator.

The secret behind my choice of this subject for discussion and of my presenting it to readers at the present time rests upon important factors:

The first factor relates to our response, in the form of neutralism which is averse to any alignment to the sincere plea that we crystallize our attitude vis a vis the big powers and this conflicting viewpoints and policies. Ours was a response to the call of the general interest of man motivated by conviction and faith, and made in order to secure for man the rights of liberty, justice and equality.

Such an appeal, as expected, was not welcomed or accepted by the big powers who wish to exercise control over the destiny of the present-day world. The result was that they began launching propaganda campaigns and disconcerting reports, in an attempt to counter that appeal. They tried to divert the attention of peoples from it by arguing that the fulfillment of the promises it held out was an impossibility. In their opinion, no country can go ahead alone without associating itself with one of the blocs which dominate the world and are leading it, at this hour to a point where each of them will be able to bring to fruition the dreams and ideals which color the confused minds of a handful of colonialists. In order to be in the good books of either of them, they argue, one has to believe in their principles, ideologies and views and to abandon, without sorrow or regret, all other principles. Since we, the Arabs, are the people concerned, it becomes our duty to discuss the appeal they made and to scrutinize the systems and concepts they want us to adopt and to believe in. In this case, we have to study their practicality and the results which would follow their implementation. Later, we will compare these ideals with others which they wish us to abandon. It is thus possible for our appeals to go forth in the knowledge of these ideals and in confidence of their soundness.

The second factor springs from my desire to display the facts which so many peoples consciously or unconsciously ignore. These facts relate to the revealing of the essential value of the sources of Islamic Jurisprudence.

It is true that the value of such sources does not require any explanation. Yet it is imperative for us to do so since many a bad seed has been sown which has made thorns grow in the way of our research scholars. These trivialities have almost concealed the truth, taking us into sweeping currents which make us think no more of our real entity. They were to disfigure our image after ruining the very basis of our existence. It is Allah, The Master of all, Who needs no one. He is The Omnipotent One Who grants the good which safeguards the interests of all sections of the people. It is He Who outlines the path of everyone and makes it easy to pass along. It is He Who decides the reward and punishment for those who follow the right path or deviate from it; taking into account the effect of goods on the welfare of other people. Allah is neither prejudiced nor unfair on the contrary, He is above all that. Moreover, He knows the nature, aspirations and attitudes of man, Allah The Almighty says what means: and not the weight in the earth or in the heaven is hidden from (Him).

As a result of this, all laws and doctrines ordained by Allah con not do other than take cognizance of this nature. These laws underline the good and point out the harm which He asks us to avoid. Contrary to this, Man, while trying to lay down an ordered structure for living, finds himself handicapped by considerations of society, heredity and the attendant differences which force an individual to follow a particular way. Man, also, is limited by certain forms of culture and knowledge and his actions; accordingly are determined by that culture and knowledge.

Not only is Man limited by these circumstances; they also reflect themselves in his behavior and mould his thinking. They accompany him in all stages of life. If he makes laws he does so under their influence and each step that he takes in propounding theories or principles, is colored by them.

For this reason, a great difference exists between the heavenly law and man's enactments. This does not call for any clarification, and yet there are special pleadings and propaganda which have obscured the facts and blunted the intuition. People have been deceived by these propagandas, have fallen in with them and acclaimed them.

In this study, I will deal with two man-made systems which are considered to be the most powerful of all, the most numerous as to their adherents and the most widely disseminated Capitalism and Communism. I will make no attempt to compare these two systems and Islam. No parallel can be drawn between Islam with its lucidity and the abiding nature of its principles which secure the welfare of all human beings and other doctrines, no matter how perfect they seem to some as a means of ensuring the happiness of Mankind. This study is simply a survey which aims at the removal of the doubts and prevailing fancies which take hold due to ignorance of Islam and the application of its tenets. Each system will be reviewed separately concluding with a criticism of the misconceptions of each system and a listing of its pres and cons on the basis of practical operation.

In doing so, I beseech help and guidance from Allah.

The Author