Way to The Quran

by Khurram Murad

'Be thankful to Me, and to your parents' (Luqman 31:14)

At her knees I learnt to read the Qur'an, upon her insistance that I must learn Arabic I was sent to the school maulavi saheb who gave me the rudimentary knowledge upon which I could build later; seeing her devotion to the Qur'an, reading it with understanding, for hours and hours, kindled a spark in my heart which has continued to illumine my way; and, finally, through her example and silent but solid support I found my way to a life of struggle in the way of Allah.

'My Lord! Bestow Thy mercy upon my parents, as they raised me up when I was little' (al-Isra' 17: 24)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
The Journey of Life
The Eternal, Living Reality
The New World that Awaits You
What is the Qur'an?
Infinite Mercy and Majesty
Hazards and Perils
Chapter 2: Basic Prerequisites
Faith: The Word of God
Purity of Intention and Purpose
Bringing Gratitude and Praise
Acceptance and Trust
Obedience and Change
Hazards and Obstacles
Trust and Dependence
Chapter 3: Participation of the Inner Self
Participation of the Inner Self
What is the Heart?
Dynamic of Inner Participation
States of Consciousness
The Quranic Criteria of Inner Participation
In Allah's Presence
Hearing from Allah
Allah's Direct Address
Every Word for You
Conversation with Allah
Trusting and Expecting Allah's Rewards
Acts of Heart and Body
Response of Your Heart
Response of Your Tongue
Tears in Your Eyes
Postures of Your Body
Reading with Tartil
Self Purifcation
Seeking Allah's Help (Du'a')
Reading with Comprehension
Chapter 4: Rules of Reading
Rules of Reading
How Often to Read?
How Much to Read?
When to Read?
Reading Correctly
Reading Beautifully
Listening Attentively
Completing the Reading (Khatm)
Chapter 5: Study and Understanding
Study and Understanding
Importance and Need
Personal Study
Argument Against Studying
The Quranic Emphasis
The Early Practice
Risks of Personal Study
Categories of Understanding
Your Aims
Levels and Forms of Understanding
Basic Requirements
Reading the Whole Qur'an
Reading Tafsir Works
Study of Selected Portions
Reading Again and Again
Inquiring Mind
Aids for Study
How to Study
How to Understand Meanings
General Principles
Understand as a Living Reality
Understand as a Message for You
Understand as a Part of the Whole
Understand as a Coherent Unified Text
Understand with the Whole of Your Being
Understand What the Qur'an Tells You
Stay Within the Consensus
Understand by the Unique Quranic Criteria Alone
Understand the Qur'an by the Qur'an
Understand with the Hadith and Sirah
Methodological Guidelines
Studying Words
Textual Context
Historical Background
'Original' Meaning
Translating to Your Situation
Far-fetched and Irrelevant Meanings
Level of Knowledge and Intelligence
Current Human Knowledge
What You Cannot Understand
Life of the Prophet
Chapter 6: Collective Study
Collective Study
Importance and Need
Forms of Collective Study
Four Basic Rules
Study Circle
How to Conduct a Study Circle
How to Deliver
Chapter 7: Living the Qur'an
Living the Qur'an
Obeying the Qur'an
Fulfilling the Qur'an's Mission
Appendix 1: Prophets Readings
What the Prophet Particularly Read or Emphasized
What the Prophet Recited in Various Prayers
What the Prophet Recited at Various Times
What the Prophet Said About the Excellent Merits of Various Parts
Appendix 2: Suggested Syllabus Study
Suggested Syllabuses for Quranic Study
The Shorter Syllabus: 12 Selections
The Longer Syllabus: 40 Selections
Appendix 3: Aids to Study
Aids to Study

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