In conclusion, let me say that the task is enormous and complex, but important and essential. There are no immediate solutions to large-scale problems. But, in a field like Da'wah, everything must start with the individual and the small group. Here, we have simple solutions to implement:

Firstly, as many of us as can should become, personally, a Da'iya, enthused with and committed to the mission of witness, who lives his whole life as an ambassador of Allah and His Messenger, who follows the same approaches as Allah's Messengers did.

Secondly, we should create Islamic groups dedicated to Da'wah, as the top priority objective.

Thirdly, those who embrace Islam should not be content with merely having changed their religion and found the truth. They must move beyond. Truth wants to be known. They should be messengers to their own people; only they can be truly effective.

And We never sent a Messenger save with the language of his folk, that he might make [the message] clear for them (Ibrahim 14: 4).