What is the Origin of Man?

The Answers of Science and the Holy Scriptures

Dr Maurice Bucaille

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Evolution in the Animal Kingdom established facts and gaps in our Knowledge
The Origins of Life and the Diversity of Living Beings
The Concept of Evolution in the Animal Kingdom. The Difficulty of Solving the Problem
Lamarck and Transformism
Darwin and Natural Selection, or a Hypothesis Survives Through Ideology
Essential Features of Evolution that Should Not Be Overlooked
The Role of Chance and Necessity
The Complexity of Cellular Organization and the Genes
The Genes: Their Role in Evolution and Other Processes
Creative Evolution

Chapter 2. The Evolution of Man compared with that of other living beings similarities and differences
The Successive Waves of Human Types: From Primitive Man to Homo sapiens
Evolution in the Various Human Groups
The Most Debated Origin: The Apes or Their Ancestors
Innate and Acquired Behaviour: A Comparison Between Man and the Animals
The Influence of Creative Evolution in Man's Development
Chapter 3. The first answer of the Holy Scriptures: The Bible
The Need to Know the Origin and History of the Texts
Modern Approaches to the Books of the Bible
The Creation of Man According to the Bible: The Narratives and Their Context
Chapter 4. The Origin, Transformations and Reproduction of Man according to the Qur'an
Preliminary Notions on the Qur'anic Text, Its History and Contents
The Origin and Perpetuation of Life
The Origin of Man and Transformations of the Human Form over the Ages
Human Reproduction: Its Effects Upon Transformations in the Species
Chapter 5. The Compatibility between Religion and Science
The Many Approaches to the Question
The Difficulties Encountered
The Concept of Creation and Science
Evolution in the Animal Kingdom and the Transformations of the Human Form
Cellular Organization and the Origin of the Genetic Code A Scientific Enigma.
The Evolution of Living Beings, a Special Case Within the General Evolution of the Universe
The Compatibility Between Religion and Science