The Essence of Economic Policy in Importance of Islamic Economics

By Dr. Mohammad Shawqi Al-Fanjari


Foreword by Abdelhadi Boutaleb
Foreword by Dr. Salah Eddine Namiq
The Essence of Economic Policy in Islam
The Accommodation of what is Stable and what is Not
The Accommodation of Common and Private Interests or the Harmony of Conflicting Interests
The Accommodation of material Interests and Spiritual Needs or The Fear of Allah in one's Actions
The Importance of Islamic Economics
The Importance of Economic Studies
The Role of Islamic Economics
Teaching Islamic Economics


To those who have come to realize that every great nation has a message to give, and that the greatest nation of all is that which carries the best of messages which presents the optimum way of life. Islam has provided us with a message to share with the world. I do not know what we can give humanity as Arabs if we cannot share with it the message of Islam which Allah has required us to do.

To those who have come to realize that Jihad for the sake of Allah is a Jihad for material and spiritual progress, for the establishment of a society of believers, a society of faith and of increasing production. To those who have come to realize that the best way to happiness and success in both worlds is to free people from fear, ignorance, poverty. sickness and injustice so that, in the end, we could execute the will of Allah to spread love among people and peace on earth.