Fight Against Crime in Islam

by Mohammad Maher
Magistrate, Attorney-General
The Arab Republic of Egypt

Translated By: Ismail Kashmiri

Revised By: Dr. Abdul Hamid Hussein

Published under the auspices of:
The Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs
Muhammad Tawfik Oweida, Secretary-General
A.R.E. 1975

Table of Contents:


PART ONE: Combating Crime is The Duty and Right of Muslims

PART TWO: History of Criminal Accusation

In Ancient Laws

In Modern Laws

In the present Egyptian Law

PART THREE: Procedures of Combating Crime in Islam

CHAPTER ONE: Procedures Taken Piror to Committing of Crime

CHAPTER TWO: "The Muhtasib" and the Attorney-General the system of "Hisbah" in Islam

CHAPTER THREE: Deterrence by Judicature

CHAPTER FOUR: Reconciliation and Arbitration

1- Background

2- Reconciliation

CHAPTER FIVE: Proof Procedures

PART FOUR: Objectives Fighting of Crime

CHAPTER ONE: Diversification of Penalties

CHAPTER TWO: Severity of Punishment

Criminal Gravity and Decoity

CHAPTER THREE: Individualization of Punishment in Minor Offences

CHAPTER FOUR: Combat of Crime by Threatening of Punishment in the Hereafter

CHAPTER FIVE: Repentance and Forgiveness

CHAPTER SIX: Social and Moral Measures to Avert Crime

PART FIVE: Islamic Law's Attitudes Towards Development of Penology in Modern Times. Stages Passed by Penology

PART SIX: The Holy Quran and The Good Citizen