List of important Books and Journals on Islam in Russia and Central Asia

  1. G.E. Wheeler, The Modern History of Soviet Central Asia
  2. Richard Pipes, The Formation of the Soviet Union, Communism and Nationalism, Harvard University Press
  3. Kathleen M Stahl, British and Soviet Colonial Systems, Praeger, New York.
  4. Geoffrey E Wheeler, Soviet and Chinese Policies in the Middle-East, the world Today Journal, London, Feb. 1966.
  5. Alexander mark, Tensions in the Soviet Union, The Twentieth Century, London.
  6. Alexander G. Park, Bolshevism and Turkistan, Columbia University Press, New York.
  7. A. Bennigsen and C.L. Quelquejay, Islam in the Soviet Union, Pall Mall Press, London
  8. Richard Pipes, Russian Central Asia, A Study in Colonial Rule, California University Press.
  9. G.E. Wheeler, Racial Problems in Soviet Muslim Asia, oxford University Press, London.
  10. Haider Bammate, The Caucasus Problem, Berne, 1919.
  11. Ahmad Zeki velidi Togan, Turkistan Today and its Recent History, Istanbul, 1947.


  1. Central Asia Review, Central Asian Research Centre, London
  2. The Middle-East Journal, Washington C.C.
  3. The Muslim World, New York and London
  4. The Young Pakistan (Files from 1968 to 1970), Dacca
  5. Mir Islama(Files of 1912-13), St. Petersburg