Different Solutions of the Problems of Life

Let us take a step further. All those fundamental problems of life the solution of which is imperative for the active existence of man are metaphysical in essence. The answer to these questions is not written on the horizon for every man to read on his advent into this World, nor is the answer self-evident so that everyone could comprehend it. It is due to this reason that there is no single solution upon which all men may agree. Men have always held divergent opinions on these questions and various men have found various solutions to them. The question now presents itself as to what are the possible solutions to these problems, what mean have been adopted to solve them and what possible solutions emerge out of all these means.

1. One way of solving these problems is to rely upon one's senses and opinions about all matters should be formed on the basis of sensorial perception and observation.

The second way is to derive a conclusion by means of sensorial perception aided by speculation.

3. The third alternative is to put one's faith in the solutions to these problems offered by the Prophets of God who claimed to possess direct Knowledge of the Truth.

So far, only the above three means of arriving at solution to these problems have been made use of and probably only these three ways are possible, In each of the above cases different solutions have been found by different means. Each solution gives rise to a particular attitude of mind and a particular pattern off morality and culture, which in its basic characteristics is completely different from the attitudes produced by other categories of solutions. Let me show you now the different solutions to these problems arrived at through different means and the attitude of mind produced by each solution.