Scrutiny of the Islamic Viewpoint

A Scientific Concept

The conception of the world and man propounded by the Prophets is perfect. All parts of the whole viewpoint are logically woven together; there is no inner contradiction in it. It contains the most perfect interpretation of the events of the whole world and fully explains the entire universal phenomenon. There is nothing relating to the observation or experience of man the interpretation of which cannot be made in the light of this conception. Hence it is a scientific doctrine and is valid by all definitions of the word `scientific'. Again no other observation or experience has exploded the validity of this doctrine. Hence it still holds good. It cannot be included among the exploded myths.[1. If the theories of an age refuse to acknowledge; the validity of a concept, it does not prove that the concept is false. A scientific doctrine can be proved wrong by only facts and not by theories alone. Hence until it is established that the concept of universe and man presented by the Prophets has been proved wrong by such and such demonstrable fact, it would be quite unscientific and malicious to regard the viewpoint of the prophets as an exploded myth.] Our observation of the system of the universe also makes this viewpoint appear the most probable. The phenomenon of the marvelous organization of the universe forces on us the conclusion that it is more rational to believe in the existence of a Supreme Administrator rather than to deny His existence. Similarly, on the evidence of this vast organization of the universe, it is much more reasonable to conclude that it is a centralised system and that a Single All-Powerful Authority controls this system, rather than to infer that the universe is a decentralised system which is ruled over by several authorities. In the same manner upon observing the grand wisdom working behind the glorious management of this universe, it is more rational to infer that the system of the universe is constructed according to a wise design and purpose, and, on the same evidence, it appears far from reason to believe that there is mere child-play.

Again when we carefully consider the fact that the system of this universe constitutes a State and ,man forms a part of this State, it appears to be reasonable to believe that there should be no provision for the independence or unaccountability of man in this system of State. Man's true status should be that of a subject. On these grounds this viewpoint appears to us the most reasonable.

A Practicable Creed

Looked at from the practical angle this viewpoint appears feasible too. A whole scheme of life complete in every detail emerges out of this creed. Philosophy and Ethics, Science tend Crafts, Literature and Art, Politics and System of Government, Peace and War, International relations, in fact this creed furnishes eternal grounds for all aspects and every need of life. There is not a single field of life in which a person need look outside of this creed for guidelines.