Ethical Viewpoint of Islam

By Sayyid Abul ĎAla Maududi

Translated and Edited
by Khurshid Ahmad, M.A., LL.B.

Table of Contents

Ethical viewpoint of Islam

The Predicament of the Modern World
Contemporary Approaches to Morality
Shades of Religious Morality
Polytheistic Morality
Morality of Asceticism
Morality without Religion
A Rapid Look at the Secular Moral Philosophies
The Highest Good or the Ultimate End of Human Conduct
Knowledge of Good and Evil
Sanction Behind Moral Law
Motive of Moral Conduct
Islamic Viewpoint
First Questions
Foundations of Morality
Source of Moral Values
Sanction and Motives
Islamic Concept of God and Its Consequences for Morality
A Perfect Ethical System
Horizon Enlarged
Mission of Man

Moral System of Islam
Universally Accepted Values
Why Differences?
Islamic Concept of Life and Morality Goal of Moral Striving
Sanction Behind Morality
Motives and Incentives
Distinctive Features of Islamic Moral Order