Methodology for Research and Knowledge

Taha Jabir Al 'Alwani

English Edition by

Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo
A. S. Al Shaikh-Ali

The International Institute of Islamic Thought
Herndon, Virginia USA

Research Monographs No. (1)

In the Name of Allah. the Compassionate, the Merciful, Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Universe, and Peace and Prayers be upon His Final Prophet and Messenger

Table of Index

A Word From the Editors


Chapter One : Usul al Fiqh: Methodology for Research and Knowledge in Islamic Jurisprudence


Subject Matter


The Sciences From Which Usul al Fiqh Derived its Academic Basis

Origins and Development of Usul al Fiqh

Methods For Deriving Rulings From the Sources

Chapter Two : The Sahabah who Gave Fatawa During the Prophet's Lifetime

The Era of the Great Sahabah

The Time of Abu Bakr al Siddiq

Special Features of Fiqh in that Period

The Time of 'Umar Ibn al Khattab

The Time of 'Uthman Ibn 'Affan

The Time of 'Ali Ibn Abu Talib

The Fuqaha' Among the Sahabah and the Tabi'un

Chapter Three : Legislation After the Time of the Sahabah

After the Tabi'un: The Time of the Mujtahid Imams

Rationalists and Traditionists: Ahl al Hadith and Ahl al Ra'i

Chapter Four : Al Imam al Shafi'i

The Method of al Imam al Shafi'i in His Book: Al Risalah

Chapter Five : Usul al Fiqh After al Imam al Shafi'i

Developments in Usul Al Fiqh After al Imam al Shafi'i

The Role of the Followers of Abu Hanifah in the Writing of al Usul

The Methods of the Followers of al Imam al Shafi'i, or the Mutakallimun, and those of the Hanafiyah

The Method of the Hanafi Scholars of al Usul

The Science of Usul al Fiqh During the Sixth Century AH and The Following Period

Chapter Six : Issues Related to Ijtihad

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We present this study to those Muslim youth who are searching for a ray of light in the deepest darkness that surrounds us, and who are seeking a solution and a way out of the crisis that currently overwhelms us; in the hope that it may be of benefit to them, in Sha'a Allah.

1411 AH/1990 AC by
The International Institute of Islamic Thought
555 Grove Street
Herndon, Va. 2207O-4705, U.S.A.

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