Foreword by the Translators

Efforts to translate this book began two and one half years ago. Its completion was delayed due to the difficulties in finding appropriate words for Dr. Shariati's unique and sophisticated language which conveys his important message. This translation is not the most perfect translation of the original text. However, the purpose is to transmit the author's views and understanding of Hajj and not to produce a literary replica of the original.

It is highly recommended that this book be completed in one reading and not in intervals so as to maintain continuity in one's train of thoughts. The essence of the book will be more easily projected and comprehended if this approach is used.

The Quranic verses and Hadith from the original text have been translated into English for the benefit of the reader. Marmaduke Pickthall's translation of the Quran is the source for translation of Quranic verses. Also, in some instances the author's opinions have been further explained by the translator in the form of footnotes.

Because of its universal message, this book will be appealing to all- -Muslims or non-Muslims! Its subject matter deals with issues and teachings which relate to mankind. The contents will be useful to all in their pursuit to understand the concept of mankind as he/she "should be" in contrast to what he/she "is" today.

Ali Behzadnia & Najla Denny