The Status Of Women In Islam

by Dr.Yusuf Al Qaradawy


Translator's Note
The Woman as Human Being
Refuted Misconceptions
Distinctions justified
Legal testimony
Blood money
Judiciary and political corps
The Woman as Feminine Being
Legitimate Mixing Between Men and Woman
Pseudo-arguments for unrestricted mixing.
Pseudo-arguments disproved.
Effects of promiscuous mixing.
Moral decay
Illegitimate children.
Drops in Marriage Rates.
High Divorce Rates and Destruction of the Family.
Spread of Lethal Diseases.
The Woman as Mother.
Immortal mothers.
The Woman as Daughter
The Knowledgeable
The Woman as Wife
Independence of the wife
Why did Islam legislate divorce?
Limiting the circle of divorce
When and how does divorce take place?
After divorce
Why is divorce initiated by the man?
How can an averse wife divorce her husband
The abuse of using divorce
Polygamy in olden times and in Islam
Fairness is a condition of polygamy
Polygamy as a moral, human system
The Western system of promiscuity is immoral and inhuman
The abuse of the license of polygamy
The call of westernized people to forbid polygamy
The basis on which those who call for rejection of polygamy rely
1-Islamic Law does not allow something whose evil outweighs its good
2- The right of the person in authority to prevent what is allowed
The Woman as Member of the Society
Those who exaggerate about woman's work and the misconceptions concerning them
The reply concerning these misconceptions
The harmful effect when a woman is involved in men's work without restrictions or limits
When is a woman allowed to work?