Evolution or Creation?

Chapter VI

Adam’s Fatherhood of Man
Testimony by Qur’an and Hadith

Adam: The First Man

Humanity: The Progeny of Adam

Origin of Mankind from Single Soul

Adam’s Immediate Family

Adam was All-knowing

Adam: A Prophet and a Dignified Individual

All the Prophets: the Progeny of Adam

Adam’s Fatherhood of Man is Everlasting Too

Hadith Explains Qur’an Further

Adam: The First Man on Earth

Sons of Adam

Daughters of Adam

Stature of Heaven-Dwellers Similar to that of Adam

Message to the Mankind

The Early Pledge

Adam’s Special Creation

Adam’s Creation: A Divine Miracle

Adam and Moses

Prophet Meets Adam

Adam, the Most Civilised Man

Dignity of Adam

Adam was Created in Heavens

Consensus by Exegetes on Adam’s Fatherhood of Mankind

Refutation of a Philosophical Contention

Ahle Sunnah’s Faith

All Divine Scriptures Bear Testimony to Adam’s Prophethood

Testimony by Torah

Testimony of the Gospels

The Gospel of Barnabas

Adam Among the Primitive Tribes

A Literary Testimony

Adam in World Literature

Basic Difference Between Bible and Qur’an

A Divine Guide


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