Evolution or Creation?

Sheikh Mohammed Shihabuddin Nadvi

Theory of Evolution is the most misleading of the modern materialistic concepts currently in vogue. Though it has had acceptance from the beginning, but never before had it found so widespread recognition. It has rather attained its apogee and holds an unquestioned sway over the educated minds. Evolution implies progressive creation of things without any divine role.

The theory and the holy Qur’an are in direct conflict with each other and no compatibility is possible anywhere. Absence of a comprehensive discussion on the theory of evolution from Islamic view-point has naturally led the Muslims to develop faith in it. This book attempts at removing the misgivings found in the Muslim mind on this score. It comprises mostly such of the arguments as are advanced in the light of the holy Qur’an and the Prophet’s Sunnah. These arguments which clearly establish Adam’s fatherhood of humanity have however been blended with scientific observations. Although written from an Islamic perspective, the book should provide the general readers with sufficient scientific and logical stuff to realise the blunders committed by the evolutionists in the name of science and the underlying heinous motives.

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