Studies in Islam Series
Islam and Contemporary Economic Theories

by Dr. Mohammad Shawqi Al-Fanjari


Stages of the Study
The General Theory of the New Capitalist System
Principles of the New capitalist System
Capitalism in the Field of Practical Application
The General Theory of Communist System
The Principles of Communist System
Communism and Reason
Communism in the Field of Practical Application
Islam's General Theory of Economy
Principles of Islamic Economy

About This Book

The present contribution to the economic theory of Islam is timely. The material civilization of The West has brought about, on the one hand, a state of chaos in international relations, and, on the other, a class-war within every nation. The war in the social domain has divided The West into two camps. While in most Western countries capitalism has the upper hand and labor is the victim of tyranny Russia has gone to the other extreme, and only one class, that of the workers, seems to be dominant. Islam maintains the balance between exaggerated opposites and occupies intermediate position between the doctrines of bourgeois capitalism and Bolshevist communism.

The author of this book has taken this view as a starting point and proceeded to give a detailed assessment of both capitalism and communism. He has reached the conclusion that Islam takes no side with a group against another. It directs each class of the community to the proper way by which it secures good for itself and for the community as a whole.

Dr. Shawki Sukkari.